Cover Page


The cover page is the first sheet of all application's output file. It will indicate you which files where uploaded, if any form, schedule, page or statement is missing or if there were any issues with the application.

Below we will explain how to read and understand this very important sheet.


The LoanBeam Announcements section will display any news and announcements LoanBeam may have. Make sure you look at it in order to not miss any important communication.

Application Details

The Application Details section will give you all the information about the current application.


If any full form is missing, it will shown here. 


The category is the type of item that needs you attention. Currently only Missing Items are available.


This will indicate from Low to High how much of an impact the item has on the calculations.

Title and Notes:

Those two sections will give you details on what the item is about so that you can take an action regarding it.


The Resolved column allows you to mark an item as resolved via a drop-down. If you do not need to do anything about one of the items, simply select 'Yes' to mark it as such. This will allow you to better track items you may still need to resolve.

For more information about which form we accept, see the Accepted Tax Forms article.


You may not need to add anything, check whether those pages/schedules would be useful to your calculations.

Files Uploaded

 This section gives you a list of all the PDF or TIFF files you have uploaded. If any uploaded file is not showing up here, you will have to upload it again.

See How Do I Add Missing Documents


The notes section will allow anyone to enter notes regarding the application.

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