Update the Output file for an Existing Order


There may be times when it is necessary to request a new output file from LoanBeam on an existing order, even though the user does not need to add any additional documents to the LoanBeam order.  For example:

  • Empower only actively pings LoanBeam for 24 hours. In extreme cases (where the page counts are very high on documents submitted), LoanBeam may take longer to analyze those documents.
    • In this case, the final status check would still show the order in ‘Processing’ status on the LoanBeam side
    • Requesting a new output file on the order will begin Empower’s active pinging on that order for either another 24 hour cycle, or until the output file is completed and ready for download
  • The order may fail due to an environment issue on either Empower or LendingSpace side
    • In this case, the interface status log would show something like the record highlighted in the screenshot below
    • Requesting a new output file on the order will refresh the order from Empower’s perspective, and set Empower to begin actively pinging LoanBeam for status on that order’s completion


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