Placing an Order to LoanBeam

  • Ensure that “Begin New Order” is selected for the ‘Active Order’ dropdown
  • Select an option from ‘Template Name’ drop down


  • Click the plus (“+”) sign under the Documents section of the screen to open a filtered view of the documents in the loan’s Global Document Repository
    • Note: the document types shown in this filtered view can be configured by client.  See LoanBeam Admin Guide for more information


  • Click the “Submit Order” icon to send the selected


  • After clicking the “Submit Order” icon, the screen will show an Order Status of “Order Submitted”. It will continue this status until it finishes transmitting the documents to LoanBeam.


  • After Empower successfully transmits the documents to LoanBeam, the Order Status will change to “Order received”. Also, you’ll now see the Empower order reference added to the “Active Order” dropdown.


  • From the Empower user perspective, the next step is to wait for LoanBeam to process the documents sent in the order. Please see your LoanBeam account representatives for information on how long that will take.  Empower will continue to actively ping LoanBeam for status on the order every 5 minutes over the next 24 hours, until LoanBeam indicates that the order has completed processing.
  • With the order submitted, there is now a record shown on the ‘Results’ screen. The ‘Download’ button is not yet activated, though.


  • Once LoanBeam finishes the processing of the loan documents, Empower will update the Results screen with an active version of the ‘Download’ button.
  • Clicking on the ‘Download’ button will pull the Excel output file from LoanBeam and give option to user to save to their desktop
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