What happens after I upload additional documents?


You have finished uploading additional documents to an existing application.  LoanBeam is now processing the new forms, and identifying the information needed to supplement the output file.  LoanBeam takes approx. 30-45 seconds for each new page uploaded.


When the analysis is ready, LoanBeam will send an email to you and those with the check boxes you requested.  Return to the Excel file that you have already opened.  Shortly after opening that file, you will see a yellow bar at the top of the screen with a button called “Refresh”.  Click that button, and wait for the new information to be brought into the workbook. 


The Cover Page will update the Files Uploaded and Missing Documents list.  Please note that, for example, the uploading of a K-1 may result in a new requirement for the Partnership Form 1065 if ownership percentage > 25% and Form 1065 was not already uploaded.  Please read each item on the Missing Documents list to ensure your are clear on what is still required.



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    how long after I submit additional documents will it take to process my application?

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    The "missing items" note from Loanbeam is requesting a document that does not exist...it is a duplicate of the item being submitted (same Tax ID number)

    How do I keep my new submission from being flagged as "incomplete?"