The default Excel output templates which are available in your account and the custom templates added by account users will be shown in the "Templates" tab.

Go to the Admin > Account Setup > Templates.

The below screen displays. All the default template names are suffixed with "[S]". You can download and view templates, enable / disable templates as well as delete templates from here.

Download and View a Template

Check the check-box for the template that you want to download and click on "Download" button. You can also select and download multiple templates at a time.

The selected template(s) will be downloaded.

The downloaded template(s) can then be opened and saved to a desired location.

Enable and Disable a Template

The "Status" column displays the status of the template. By default all the templates uploaded to LoanBeam will be enabled. 


Only the enabled templates will be visible in the "Select Template for Output" menu in the dashboard.

In case you do not want to delete a template completely from the application but want to disable the template then you can disable it from here.

To Disable a template, select the template and click on the "Enable/Disable" button.

The template will be disabled and the status as "Disabled" will be displayed in the "Status" column.

You can also select multiple templates with different statuses and "Enable/Disable" them at a time. To do this check the check-boxes next to all the templates that you want to "Enable/Disable".

The enabled template(s) will be disabled and the disabled template(s) will be enabled.

Delete a Template

To delete a template, select the template and click on "Delete" button.

A confirmation window as shown below will display. Click "Yes" if you want to delete or else click "No".

You can also select and delete multiple templates at a time.


You cannot delete the default Templates. In case you try to do so the following error message will be displayed.

A new template can only be created and uploaded via the excel add-in.

You can filter the templates as well as clear filter using the option. You can drag and drop the column headers to the to group the templates.

The "Number of Records" and "Client Account Number" will be displayed at the bottom of the grid.

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