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The "User Group" tab allows you to add a new user group and edit or delete any existing user groups.

Hover over the Username and go to Admin > User Management > User Group.

You can add, edit and delete the User Groups from here.

The grid on the right side displays all the User Groups added under the account.

You can filter the user groups as well as clear filter using the Filter and Clear Filter option. You can drag and drop the column headers to the Grouping Area to group the user groups. You can also select columns to be displayed from the Column Setup button.

To export the "User Group" details to an excel, click on the button. The user group details will be exported to excel as shown below:

The "Number of Records" and "Client Account Number" are displayed at the bottom of the grid.

Add User Group

Hover over the Username in the dashboard and go to the Admin > User Management > User Group. Click on the "New" button in the User Group tab.

This enables all the detail fields for adding a new user group as shown below. The "New" button toggles to "Create" button and "Cancel" button is enabled.

You can add and customize the user groups as per you requirement from here.

  • Group Name: This is a mandatory filed. Enter a valid group name. It could be a combination of characters, numbers and special characters.

  • Permissions:
    • The permission for "Allow access to LoanBeam Dashboard" is auto-checked and disabled i.e., by default every user group created has access to the dashboard.
    • You can check/uncheck the check boxes against all the other permissions as per your requirement.

  • Assign Users:
    • Assign users to the group from the list. All the users in the account are displayed in the list of "Assign Users".

    • All the users assigned to this group enjoy the permissions assigned to the group.

Once all the detail fields are filled, click on the "Create" button.

The details are saved and shown in the user group details grid on the left side.

Click on the "Cancel" button if you do not want to save the details.

The "Created By" and "Created On" columns are auto-populated with the username who created the User Group and the system date and time, respectively. They cannot be edited manually.

Clicking on the link in the "Assigned Permissions" column shows the list of permissions assigned to the user group.

Clicking on the link in the "Assigned Users" column shows you the list of the users in the group.

For every new account created, a default group "Firm System Administrator" is auto-created with full permission to access the Dashboard and Admin. This group cannot be edited or deleted. The columns for "Created By", "Created On", "Modified By" and "Modified On" are blank for this group.

Clicking on the "Export to Excel" button will export the User Group details to the Excel sheet.

The User Group details are exported to the Excel sheet as shown below:

Edit User Group

To edit a user group, select the user group from the list displayed on the left side and click on the 'Edit' button.

This will enable the fields for the selected user group to edit. The "Edit" button will toggle to "Update".
Once the fields are edited, click on the 'Update' button. The user group will be updated.
The columns for "Modified By" and "Modified On" are auto-populated with the name of the user who edited the details and system date and time, respectively. These fields cannot be edited.

User cannot edit the "Group Name" and change the permissions of the default group i.e., "Firm System Administrator" that is auto-created when a new account is created. The columns for "Created By", "Created On", "Modified On" and "Modified By" will be blank for this User Group. 

Delete User Group

Hover over the Username and click on Admin > User Management > User Group. To delete a User Group, select the user group. Click on the "Delete" button.
A message as shown below will be displayed.
Click "Yes" to confirm deletion or else click "No".

You can delete only those User Groups to which no users are assigned. If you try to delete a User Group for which users are already assigned then the below notification will pop-up on the screen.

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