How to Scan Documents for LoanBeam


Original source documents must be scanned in order to submit an application in LoanBeam


Scan Settings required in your scanning program are:

  • A resolution setting of 300 dpi and a scan in Black & White.
  • Individual tax returns, K-1’s and Business Tax Returns can be submitted to LoanBeam in one combined PDF file or split into separate PDF files in any order. However, we require that the pages of each tax return be submitted in sequential order (like the taxpayer would have received from their accountant).
  • If you have a program like Kofax VRS Professional installed with your scanner it is recommended you use this when scanning for LoanBeam.
  • Save the file in TIFF or PDF (with 300dpi Black & White).

Submitting source documents in TIFF format will greatly reduce the processing time.

  • Document Orientation required for scanning:
  • Documents with a portrait view must be scanned as is (right side up)

Similarly documents with a Landscape view must be scanned either right side up or with their left edge turned upwards.

Additional Requirements

Additional scanning requirements to get optimal results from LoanBeam reading:

  • Color scans will not work in LoanBeam.
  • Scan all documents to a single page. Do not scan multiple documents on a single page.

  • Example: One documents that contains 1040 and Schedule C. This will avoid delays in reading your application and help to get the results quickly and accurately.
  • Source document files should be deskewed, if this option is available on the scanner.
  • You cannot use the despeckle function when scanning.
  • Avoid printing the PDF file that you wish to upload in LoanBeam
  • If you have grouped pages for a source document set, make sure the pages are in correct sequential order.

Form 8825 - Rental Real Estate Income and Expenses of a Partnership or an S Corporation will be captured by OCR and bookmarked under the respective 1065/1120S input forms.

In order for Form 8825 - Rental Real Estate Income and Expenses of a Partnership or an S Corporation State Schedule K-1s and K-1 supplemental pages to be captured under the respective input forms, the following procedures for scanning and submitting source document files must be followed:

The Form 8825 - Rental Real Estate Income and Expenses of a Partnership or an S Corporation State K-1s and supplemental pages for a particular 1065/1120S must be placed just behind the last page of that particular 1065/1120S forms.

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    can I manually enter the information? the client only allowed me to scan the tax forms and that is all I have.

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    what if it is password protected - how can i upload