What does application status mean?


LoanBeam has three statuses:  Uploading, Processing, and Completed.

Uploading Status

Uploading means that copies of the PDF files identified for analysis are in the process of being moved to LoanBeam’s server. Please do not disrupt this process by shutting down your computer. You may close your browser without issue.  If you do accidentally power down your computer, the files not completely uploaded will be shown with an exclamation point in the detail panel on the right side the next time you log in.

Processing Status

Processing is the next status. The means that the files uploaded are currently being processed or analyzed. While in Processing status, you may close your browser or shut off your computer.

Completed Status

Completed is the final status. This means that the analysis is done, an email has been sent, and you may download the Excel output file to your computer. Obtaining the output file is accomplished by clicking the blue number shown in the Files for Download column. Please see the FAQ on downloading the Excel output file for more details.

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