Purged Data Report



All the documents, including QI calculation templates are stored within LoanBeam for 120 days. Once the documents cross this time limit, they are purged or cleansed from LoanBeam and moved to Purged data.


The number of days for purging of data is client specific. It can be more or less than 120 days, depending upon the contract with your firm. 

To view purged data for the processed loan applications navigate to Admin > Billing and Reports > Purged Data Report

View All Records

To view all the purged records check the check-box for "View All". All the purged records will be displayed as shown below. You cannot manually edit any of the fields on this screen.


When you choose to view all the purged records, the option to view the purged data within a specific time frame i.e., ‘From’ and ‘To’ options are disabled.

View Specific Records

To view purged data within a specific time frame, choose the dates from "From Date" and "To Date" calendar.

Select "From Date".

Select "To Date" and click on  button. The purged data details within the select date range will be displayed.

Export to Excel

To export the data to Excel click on the "Export to Excel" button.

The details will be exported to Excel as shown below. You can open and save the details.

You can filter the purged data report as well as clear filter using the Filter and Clear Filter option. You can drag and drop the column headers to the Grouping Area to group the data. You can also setup columns to be displayed from the Column Setup button.

The "Number of Records" and "Client Account Number" will be displayed at the bottom of the grid.

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