How to I Activate my User Account


Activation Email

When a new account is created, an email notification with a link to activate the account is sent to the email address registered with LoanBeam. The user can activate the account using the second link.

Clicking on the link will take you to the "Account Activation" screen.


The link shown above is auto-generated for each user and will not work to activate your account

Account Password Setup

The Account Activation screen as shown below:

The email address of the user for whom the account is being activated will appear on the screen.

Password Requirement

The criteria for entering the correct password will display as soon as you click on the "Enter Password" field.

Alternatively, hovering over the help icon will also display the password requirements.

If all the criterias for the password match then  will change to . Re-enter the password for confirmation.

Select a secret question from the drop down "Select Secret Question" and enter an answer for the selected question. In case you forget your password you can retrieve it by answering the secret question.

Enter all the mandatory details and click on the "Activate Account" button. All the fields marked with (*) are mandatory. In case any field has been left blank and you click the "Activate Account" button, the system will prompt you an error message.

On successful activation the following screen will be displayed:

You can use these login details to login to the LoanBeam application.

Clicking "Close" will redirect you to the login screen for LoanBeam.

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