Creating your First Application




Walk Through

Once you are logged into LoanBeam, the Dashboard will appear.

To create a New Application, click the “NEW” button in the upper right area of the dashboard.

Application Details

Complete the New Loan Application details.

Add Documents

Click  to find copies of tax returns.

Click here to find which file types and tax forms LoanBeam accepts

Template Selection

Select the two year template that matches the files you are uploading.

Click here if you need help understand which template to select

Submit the Application

Once you have completed the application, simply click . LoanBeam will send you an email once the file is completed.


The estimated processing time for an application is 30 to 45 seconds per page uploaded.


Upload only PDF or TIFF format files.
Best scan resolution is 300 dpi or higher, black and white.
No handwritten or password protected files.
Tax forms (e.g. Form 1040) should be in proper sequential order.
Do not upload more than 2 years tax returns

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    how do I access a file Workbook once its been completed?

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    I have a joint tax return, I only need income from the spouse, not the tax payer. How do I separate?

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    How do I add notes specific to that file?

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    Latoya Marshall

    @LeeAnn- Please login to LoanBeam, click on "CLEAR FILTER" to the right in purple. Now, Look to the Left and find the header labeled "APPLICATION ID". To the very "RIGHT" of the application id, click on the little FILTER ICON. Type in your LoanBeam application id# and hit filter. This is populate your LoanBeam file. Now, look for the column in the middle of the page labeled "FILES FOR DOWNLOAD" click on the number there and you will download the excel results.