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The function buttons "New", "Edit", "Cancel" and "Delete" allow you to add a new loan application, cancel, edit and delete any already existing loan applications.

Note: The fields below these function buttons are the fields that should be entered while submitting a loan application. These options are disabled unless you click on the "New" button or choose a loan application and click on "Edit" button. 

New Application

To submit a new loan application click on the "New" button.


Clicking on the "New" button will enable all the fields that are necessary to submit a loan application successfully. Also, the "New" button will toggle to "Submit" and the "Cancel" button will be enabled.

Edit Application

The "Edit" function helps you in:

  • Editing the loan application details such as First Name, Last Name etc.
  • Uploading subsequent documents to a loan application.
  • Changing the template selection or add additional templates.

Click on the loan application to select it. This will enable the functions buttons for "Edit", "New" and "Delete". Click on "Edit" button.

Clicking on the "Edit" button will enable the fields for the selected loan application for editing.

Cancel Action

The "Cancel" option allows you to cancel any current action that is being performed. This could be adding a new loan application or editing an existing loan application.

The "Cancel" button becomes active only upon clicking the  button or upon clicking the  button to edit the submitted loan application

The "Cancel" button will just cancel the current action; it will not delete any saved data from the loan application.

Delete Application

  • The "Delete" option allows you to delete any existing loan application.
  • Click on the desired loan application to select it.

Click on the  button.

A confirmation message asking you for the confirmation if you want to delete the record will prompt.

Click on "Yes" if you want to delete the record or else click on "No".

On deleting a loan application user can submit another loan application with same Application ID. 

Deleting a loan application will only delete the loan application details from the application grid and will not delete the record permanently from LoanBeam. The details of the deleted loan application will be retained by the system for billing purposes and can be viewed in the Usage Report.

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