Using the LoanBeam Excel Add-in



You can download the Income calculation for any processed applications. The income output will be generated in Excel in the template selected by you while submitting the loan application.
Once the uploaded source files are processed by LoanBeam the status will change from "Processing" to "Completed" and the output files will be available for download in the "Files for Download" column.

Once the application has been processed it will be notified via an email to the user.

The "Files for Download" column will display the number of excel files generated as per template(s) selected. To view and download the excel file click on this linked number in the "Files For Download" column. The files available for download will be displayed as shown below:

If there are multiple output files then you can select and download all the output files at once.

If the loan officer further adds new documents to an already processed application in that case the system will generate an additional output template based on the tax year of the documents uploaded and the same will be available in the Dashboard in the "Files for Download" column

E.g.:If you have uploaded 2013 tax year documents initially, then the system will automatically pick 2013-2012 template and generate the output file. Later if you add the 2014 documents,then the system will generate an additional template 2014-2013 and the same will be available in the dashboard under the Files for Download column.


Since LoanBeam captures only last three consecutive years’ tax returns data, the 2012-2011 tax year templates will no longer be available. If the Loan officer only uploads the 2012 tax year documents, then LoanBeam will complete the processing and status will be displayed as "Completed" in the LoanBeam Dashboard, however there will be no output files available for download since 2012 will not be considered as the Current Year (CY).

Once the file is downloaded you can open the file to analyze the QI calculations.

The first sheet of all downloaded excel calculations is a "Cover Page" containing details of the loan application such as:

  • Borrower's First and Last Name
  • Application ID
  • Loan ID
  • Loan Processor's Name
  • Underwriter's name
  • A list of all documents uploaded
  • A list of all missing documents

The remainder of the template will populate with the appropriate OCR'd data in place of the 'code' within a particular cell. If you hover on an active cell where an amount is present, the replaced cells will display a comment indicating the Value, File name (the source) .pdf name, Page Number, Form Type and Line, from where the information was populated. If more than one Fax Code is used in the cell formula then this information is provided for each code. You will be able to identify the information in the comment to quickly reference to the document, page and line from where each number populating the spreadsheet was read from.

Entities for which a missing document report is generated, the repeatable group will still populate (if applicable) for that entity but the values for all fields pertaining to the missing entity will be displayed as null (i.e., blank).

When the missing documents are received, the data from these documents will be populated into these blank cells (wherever applicable), explained in the 'Add New Document's section.

If you want to make any changes in the generated output or want to add additional documents to the generated output then you will have to login to the LoanBeam Add-in. To login to the LoanBeam Add-in click on the "Login" button.

Once you login the "Applications" section with "Add New Documents" and "View Forms" button will be enabled.


The "Templates" section with "Design Template", "Validate Template Design" and "Save and Upload" will be disabled in the generated excel file. These buttons will only be enabled while designing and uploading a custom template. For more details on design template click on "Designing a Custom Template".

Add New Documents

Using the "Add Documents" option you can add additional documents to the generated excel output template.

Click on the Login button to login to the LoanBeam template Add-in and enter the login credentials in the window that opens.

Once you successfully login to the LoanBeam Add-in. The buttons for "Add New Documents" and "View Forms" will be enabled. The other three options i.e., "Design Template", "Validate Template Design" and "Save and Upload" will be enabled only while designing template.

Click here to know more about designing template.

Click on "Add New Documents" button to upload any subsequent documents to be processed to the generated output file.

Note: It is not mandatory that you login to the LoanBeam application while adding documents.

Once the application linked to the excel document is determined, the "Add New Documents" window will pop up. This window will display details of the Loan Application such as Application ID, Loan ID and Borrower's Name. You can browse and add the files you want to upload for OCR processing.

In case you do not wish to upload the new document(s), you can delete it from "Files" panel. Click on  next to the attached document you want to delete.

Click on "Submit" to upload the documents.

The LoanBeam Image conversion and upload window will be displayed:

The Status of your application in the LoanBeam Dashboard to which the additional documents are added will switch from "Completed" to "Processing" in the "Status" column indicating additional documents being processed.

Once the documents are processed the status will again change back to "Completed".

In the excel output file through which the subsequent documents were added , an informational alert pop-up with a "Refresh" button will appear indicating additional data available for calculation.

Click on  button to update the Income calculation with new data. Your excel file will be updated with any additional information.


Do not modify any formula outside a repeatable group before adding new documents to an existing application.

Do not delete any named ranges or sheet that has been previously auto populated. In case you alter any such previous information the new document population or "View Forms" feature will not function.

View Forms

You can view, select and deselect all the forms that are used in the qualifying income calculation by clicking on the "View Forms" option.
"View Forms" shows the "Tax Forms" that are submitted for processing and are used in the QI calculation in the template.
The Tax Forms are further divided into four groups and each group has their own output forms.:
  • 1040: U.S. Individual Income Tax Return
  • 1065: U.S. Return of Partnership Income and Schedule K-1
  • 1120s: U.S. Income Tax Return for an S Corporation and Schedule K-1
  • 1120: U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return
The 'View Forms' window is split into 'Current Year' and 'Prior Year' panels.

In case you do not want to view the data in the excel file uncheck the box next any of the Tax forms, Transcripts, IRS Forms either in the current or prior year panel.

The data for that particular fields will not be seen in the Excel.
Check the box again, to restore the values from the forms into the calculation.

The data will now populate in the respective fields.
You can also skip the entire tax year (current or prior) by deselecting the box. It will exclude all the forms relating to that tax year in the Income calculation.


The system will verify and match the Social Security Number of the tax payer and spouse (if applicable) on the form 1040 with the Schedule K-1 SSN. In case the SSN of K-1 and 1040 do not match, then data from that particular K-1 will not be populated in the excel output. However the same will be available in View Forms with an which are not checked. You may check the box in case you want to include the data  in the excel output.

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