How do I search for an Application?


Searching for an application in LoanBeam is easy.

You can search for an application using any of the columns present on the dashboard.

To search an application by Application ID:

Click on the funnel icon on the left side of the Application ID column.

Enter the Application ID for the application you are looking for in the first text box and click the Filter button to apply the filter.

The dashboard will now only show the application with the ID that was typed.

You will know that a filter is in place if the fennel icon has a green background.


You can filter by multiple columns at the same time

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    the filter is not pulling up any results for the last 2 i placed into loan beam

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    I cannot pull up any results for a loan I'm underwriting. The LO has uploaded the tax returns and she is able to pull it up, but I'm not. Why is this?

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    i cant find any worksheets older than 12/2019 i need one from 4/15/19