LoanBeam Missing Notes Enhancements


LoanBeam adds additional intelligence to it's missing notes. LoanBeam will identify if any schedules, pages or statements are missing from the tax returns that were uploaded to the application.

In the Excel file, on the cover page, a new group appears: "List of Schedules, Pages & Statements Missing". (see picture below)

What it does

If anything is missing from the tax return, even a single page, a missing statement will be shown and you will know right away.

For Example: if only page 1 of the Form 1040 is present, LoanBeam will tell you that that the Page 2 of the Form 1040 is missing.

What to do if an item is missing

You may not have to do anything, even if LoanBeam is detecting missing items. Take a look at the documents that are missing and determine if the Qualifying income would impact because of the missing items.

If you decide that you will not need them, just ignore the message.

Adding Missing Items

If you have uploaded a documents with a missing page, you will have two options to correct this.

1. You can delete this application and recreate it with the complete set of documents.

2. You can also use the manual override feature on the excel output in order to add the missing numbers manually. See How do I use Manual Override?


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    What if I have a final K-1, but the notes are saying to obtain the 1065, or verify it is no longer needed due to the 2017 K-1 being final. How do I do that?