How do I Override a Value?


Manual Override

Please note, before you can edit any of the Excel worksheets, please make sure to "enable editing" usually located at the top of the Microsoft Excel program, as shown below:


Simply click on    first and then you may proceed with the instructions below.


Manual override columns are provided on all sheets.  These may be used to amend or remove numbers. The figures entered in the Manual Override column will show up in the column for Annual Figures adjusting the Monthly Figures (wherever applicable) accordingly. 

There are three ways to use the Manual Override:

1. Input a specified dollar amount

2. Input $ 0 to force a zero dollar amount

3. Delete an override to return to the original amount


 Never change the data in the CY and PY columns. When a user changes a number in the current year or prior year columns, the formulas in those cells will be corrupted, creating a potential disconnect with the rest of the calculation.

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    Does not show every step, needs to say "click Editing" at the top of the screen.

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    Knowledge Center esarch for "unprotect the sheet" (LoanBeams terminology), did not return an answer to the question. Message states " The cell or chart you are trying is ona protected sheet. To make a change,unprotect the sheet. You might be requested to enter a password".