How do I deal with 3 Years of Tax Return


LoanBeam does read most recent 3 year’s tax returns; but will only present most two recent year’s side-by-side in the output file.


LoanBeam will only take into account the 2 most recent years of tax returns per application.

Using 3 Years

If you need three years’ worth of analysis; you will have to upload two separate applications; for example: 2014 & 2013 tax returns in application #1 and select the 2014-13 template and just the 2015 tax returns in application #2 and select the 2015-14 template. It will be some manual work to combine the final numbers and come-up with your own average, depending on what number you want to use from three years. This also applies to borrower’s whose Form 1040 is on an extension and you only have business tax returns for the most recent year.

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    if two years are provided, as in 2013 and 2014, and 2015 is on extension, is there a way to get loanbeam to read two most recent years instead of leaving blanks for 2015 and only populating 2014 into the forms?