Application Submission (Encompass)


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Accessing LoanBeam

To submit a LoanBeam request from within Encompass, first open the loan file, click on the Services tab on the lower left, and then click on Order Additional Services.

From the My Providers list, select “LoanBeam” and click Submit. If “LoanBeam” is not listed in the My Providers list, click on the All Providers tab and search for “LoanBeam” in this list, click on ”LoanBeam” once to highlight the row and then click on Add to My List, which will ensure it displays on the My Providers list.

Submitting a LoanBeam Order

The Order UI will prepopulate with data from the Encompass loan file.  To correct any incorrect or missing values for Loan Information fields, you would need to update the Encompass loan, and launch the interface again to pick up any new and/or updated Encompass field values.

Adding Documents

The next step is to search on your hard drive and/or Encompass eFolder to attach files.  Click the Add Documents button to attach files prior to order submission.

Template Selection

Finally, select output templates by selecting one or more check boxes.  The templates determine the number of Excel files that LoanBeam generates after an order is submitted.  If you select all three templates in the example below, you would expect to receive three Excel files on the Check Status/View Results Tab when order processing is complete.  Once a template is selected, you will always see that template’s associated Excel file.  The Excel file date/timestamp will reflect last created date.

Submit the Application

When ready, click the Create button to create the order.

The user will see a pop-up when the order has been created. 

The user can click Check Status to retrieve the Excel files associated with the selected templates once processing is complete.  If Information is missing or incomplete, LoanBeam sends over detailed messages describing next steps to completing the order.  Additional files can be added and the order can be updated to process these additional files.  Clicking the Update button is not valid when the application is in a processing state.  The status can be checked at any time by clicking the Check Status button the Check Status/View Results tab.



The estimated processing time for an application is 30 to 45 seconds per page uploaded.


Upload only PDF or TIFF format files.
Best scan resolution is 300 dpi or higher, black and white.
No handwritten or password protected files.
Tax forms (e.g. Form 1040) should be in proper sequential order.
Do not upload more than 2 years tax returns

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