Getting the Results (Encompass)


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Getting the Results

Click on the Services tab, Order Additional Services option, and LoanBeam to open the integration. Click the Check Status/View Result tab and click the Check Status button.   The order Record ID, Order Status, and Order Date are displayed in the top window. The order Record ID is the unique LoanBeam number for this order. 

The Requests section will contain a list of Excel files associate with the selected templates.  If three templates where selected, then three Excel files are generated.  If a template is unselected after an Excel file is generated, that file will continue to persist in the UI.

 If an order is generated with three Excel files and LoanBeam changes a template name in their system.  Clicking the Update button on the Order Income Calculation & Verification tab will generate an additional Excel file.  In this example, you may see more Excel files than the number of selected templates.  Altering a borrower name after order submission will have a similar affect.  New Excel files will be generated for the new borrow name, thus leaving two sets of Excel documents on the Order Income Calculation & Verification tab.  One set of Excel files will have the first borrower name and the second set will reflect the second updated borrower name.


LoanBeam will communicate any issues with the user via the Messages window.  The user should read the messages, attach any previously missing files, and click the Update button on the Order Income Calculation & Verification tab to process the newly attached files.  Clicking the Update button is not valid when the application is in a processing state.  The user needs to wait for a Completed status to process any additional files.



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