How to Remove Password from Documents


Video Step-by-Step

Open the File

Removing the password protection from a file is a simpler task than you may realize.

In order to get started, you will need to open the protected PDF you wish to unprotect. Open it in your favorite web browser. (In this case we are using Microsoft Edge, but it has been test in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox)

In order to open it in your web browser, right-click on the PDF file and then hover your mouse over 'Open with'. From there click on your browser in the list.

It will ask you to enter the password for the file, so do so.

Print the File

Now for to the option menu in your web browser and click on Print.

A window will pop-up showing you the document you wish to print.

Make sure to change the printer to 'Print to PDF'

Now that you have changed the printer, simply click on Print.

It will prompt you a place where you want to save your new pdf with no password protection

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    Mortgage Banking Laptops do not allow you to print password protected docs to pdf and remove the password protection. The resulting document is a two page error message.

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    That is correct Elliott! Had the same issue!